Health and Safety Manager

Health and Safety Managers are an integral part of a food manufacturing plant. They work to prevent workplace accidents and injuries by developing procedures, initiatives and training courses to promote a proactive safety and health culture.

Food Safety Manager

A food safety manager develops and oversees all food safety regulations, policies and procedures for plant operations.

HACCP Coordinator

HACCP Coordinators provide leadership and direction through the implementation and management of a HACCP program. They coordinate the development, implementation, maintenance and updates of the HACCP system.

Quality Control Technician

The core of a QC’s job is making sure that products are being produced correctly according to company standards. They perform biological tests (e.g. salmonella) and quality tests (e.g. fat) at specified stages in the production process.

Food Labelling Specialist

Because labelling food is a job within itself, food companies hire professionals to ensure that food is labelled correctly. This is where Food labelling specialists come in.

Quality Assurance Technicians

Who are these professionals that are responsible for ensuring food safety policies are being adhered to and product quality standards are being met? That would be Quality Assurance Technicians!

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Have you ever thought about where the information on a food label comes from? About who regulates our food to keep us safe? These questions can be answered by professionals known as Regulatory Affairs Specialists.

Food Auditor

Food auditors play an integral role in verifying proper food safety practices at food and beverage processing facilities.