Production Planner

Production planners are the professionals who ensure that products are made on time with high efficiency.

Sanitation Worker

To keep things clean, manufacturing facilities, hire sanitation workers because they maintain good housekeeping and sanitary conditions within a facility.

Machine Operator

At the heart of the manufacturing industry, machine operators control nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process through challenging, hands-on work.


We investigate the exciting careers of butchers – more specifically, the jobs of retail butchers. They’re similar but not quite the same as industrial butchers.


What is the name of the professionals who breweries are looking for? Brewmasters! These professionals combine passion and science to make tasty drinks.

Wine Maker

Wine is a significant contributor to many countries’ GDP and there are many people involved. There are many people in the industry who are called wine makers.


Working in a bakery is a magical experience where you get to see raw materials transform into baked treats. Some bakers specialize in making bread while others work with a variety of different baked goods like pastries.

Cheese Maker

No matter the size of the company, below are the general facts about cheese makers.

Millwright Mechanic

Food companies call in experts who are already employed right in their own companies. These employees are millwright mechanics and they ensure plant operations run smoothly.