Sales Representative

Sales representatives support company growth by bringing in money, maintaining relationships and bringing in new customers.

Account Manager

Account managers are professionals who perform the day-to-day management of their business. They perform a variety of duties in order to build and strengthen relationships with clients and may focus on a subset of accounts. Account managers identify the needs of both their business and the customer and decide how to best to meet those needs.

Food Purchaser

Food purchasers are responsible for purchasing raw materials and other supplies that will be used in the manufacturing of products.

Food Marketer

Food marketers are responsible for the marketing of food products and ensuring that the product succeeds.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations (DO) is a member of an upper management team that oversees the day-to-day operations of a food manufacturing plant. They ensure that a company moves smoothly while reaching long-term goals.

Brand Manager

Names, terms, designs, symbols, and other important features represent a piece of a brand. Brand managers play an important role in creating and maintaining brand awareness among consumers.

Plant Controller

Plant controllers provide financial leadership to manufacturing facilities. They are a crucial member of any plant leadership team.

Customer Service Representative

If you ever have a problem with a product, you can call or email the product’s company for help. Whether you are emailing or phoning, a customer service representative is on the other end of the line.