Health and Safety Manager

Health and Safety Managers are an integral part of a food manufacturing plant. They work to prevent workplace accidents and injuries by developing procedures, initiatives and training courses to promote a proactive safety and health culture.

Warehouse Associate

A warehouse associate receives and processes materials promptly and accurately at warehouse facilities. They may work in the receiving or shipping departments or even both, depending on the size of a facility.

Commodity Merchandisers

Commodity merchandisers buy and sell agricultural products in the form of commodities. They work as a middleman, buying commodities from farmers and then selling it to other companies. They can also work in a food company, purchasing products from farmers and processors directly.


Shippers/receivers are responsible for coordinating and scheduling all outbound and inbound products to manufacturing plants.

Logistic Manager

Logistic managers play an integral role in the delivery of food products to supermarket shelves. They ensure that everything goes smoothly, and customers never have to wonder where their products are!

Food Technologists

Food technologists develop new food products, production processes and, sometimes, food packaging. They are involved in every stage of a product’s development, from initial conception to commercialization.

Food Process Engineer

Food process engineers are an essential part of the manufacturing industry because they develop and implement new processes leading to more efficient factories.

Packaging Engineer

Packaging engineers are responsible for managing the process and packaging development process from implementation into production.


A flavour chemist (also known as a flavourist) works with natural and synthetic-approved chemicals to develop flavours for a variety of food products.

Research Chef

Research chefs formulate and test new products for restaurant chains, coffee shops, food manufacturing companies and many other places. They combine their culinary training with their knowledge of food science to develop new menu items.