Why Angela Fehr Enriquez Chooses to Grow Her Career in Food and Beverage Processing

Angela Fehr Enriquez started her career working at Bonduelle’s Strathroy, Ont. facility in 2015 as a co-op student.

Angela Fehr Enriquez started her career working at Bonduelle’s Strathroy, Ont. facility in 2015 as a co-op student.

She applied to the company to complete a co-op placement required for her school program. Her placement as a product technician grader involved her monitoring control points within the facility’s fresh pack process.

“While I was there, I actually worked with several other people from my program,” says Fehr Enriquez. “It was a really good experience to go to school with and then end up working with some of my peers.”

Seven years later, she’s still at Bonduelle.

Fehr Enriquez continued working with the company after graduation, working her way up to her current role as an operations technician.

“It is a newer role within Bonduelle here in Strathroy,” she says. “My tasks vary so much from day-to-day. It could be overseeing the entire fresh pack process, it could be working with a maintenance team trying to troubleshoot a piece of equipment, it could be dialled in an optical sorter to better meet our targets, or it could be assisting on various lean projects to try and meet our KPI targets.”

Growing your career in the food and beverage processing industry.

Fehr Enriquez is just one of many people who’ve started and grown their careers in Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry.

She says Bonduelle is supportive of staff who want to learn and move up within the company.

“One thing that’s really important is communicating with your supervisors and managers that you do want to continue to grow and develop. They do work with you to find opportunities that suit your skills and help you grow those skills that you don’t necessarily have but may need for other opportunities in different positions that are available,” says Fehr Enriquez. “They’ll give you little projects that you can work on to show off your skills and see if it comes to something more permanent.”

Fehr Enriquez says the food and beverage processing industry provides meaningful work and endless opportunities for employees to learn and grow.

“It helps you understand not only where your food comes from, but it’s also knowing the job you’re doing directly impacts you, your family, and those that you care about,” she says. “We all consume food every day and just to see a little bit of where it comes from is so interesting. From my experience, there are endless opportunities.”

Learn more about Angela’s career path and her advice for those looking to get into the industry below.

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