How Job Ready Skills Training Can Help You Grow a Great Career in Food and Beverage Processing

Learn the importance of building your skill set and how the FREE CareersNOW! Job Ready skills training can help you land a great career in the food and beverage processing industry!

Having more tools in your toolbox allows you to tackle more jobs and gives you a better chance of getting the job done right. Like a toolbox, having a broader range of skills can help you build a long-standing career.

In this article, we will describe what exactly “skills” are and the benefits of building them. We will also provide you with information on the FREE CareersNOW! Job Ready skills training!

Let’s jump into it!

What is a skill set?

A skill set is a collection of skills and abilities. It is a set of learned abilities that help you to succeed in a specific job or industry.

Look at any job posting and you will notice that employers list a set of skills that they are looking for in a candidate. To successfully complete the job, you need to have these skills. You can pick up these skills either by working, acquiring them through school volunteering or simply by going through daily life.

No matter where you are in your career you can expand your professional competency by building your skill set.

Types of skill sets

Skills can be divided into two categories hard skills and soft skills.

Soft skills generally, pertain to interpersonal skills and other personality traits that you use to communicate and work with others. They are transferable across careers and industries but are not necessarily measurable. As a result, you may find that you have some of the soft skills found on a job posting despite never working that job! Examples of soft skills include:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving

Hard skills are measurable and teachable. They are important for completing technical tasks and are often obtained through schooling, on-the-job training programs, or certification courses. Hard skills are job specific. For example, a sanitation worker knowing how to break down a piece of equipment and clean it properly would be considered a hard skill. Examples of other hard skills include:

  • Coding
  • Welding
  • Statistics

Hiring managers will look for both soft and hard skills in any job. However, for some jobs there is a greater emphasis on one part. For example, if you worked in a customer service role at a food company there would be more emphasis on soft skills like effective communication and conflict resolution. In contrast, for a production planner, hard skills like being able to run computer software and perform statistics would be emphasized.

What are the benefits of skills training?

Upgrading your skills improves your career prospects – it’s true! There are many benefits to upgrading your skill set and not to mention it is fun too. Here are some benefits to upgrading your skills:

  1. Improved marketability and competitiveness: By keeping your skills up to date this allows you to be more marketable to employers. It demonstrates your ability to take initiative and your willingness to learn.As well, it makes you stand out in the job market.
  2. Greater resourcefulness: Like a toolbox, having more skills give you the ability to adapt to a greater range of situation. More skills means more potential ways to solve problems. Try your best to highlight this during an interview when they give you an example of a situation and how you would try to resolve it.
  3. Better career opportunities: Upgrading your skills opens the door to career possibilities you would have never had before. The CareersNOW! Job Ready skill training for example can set you up to jump start you career in sanitation which could eventually lead to a position as a sanitation manager.
  4. Increased self-confidence: They say the best investment you can make is in yourself. By upgrading your skills, you can start to take on new roles or jobs at work. The added self-confidence can make you more effective at your work and employers will see you as an asset which is beneficial for everyone.  

What is CareersNOW! Job Ready skills training?

In September 2021, CareersNOW! launched Job Ready skills training — an online training program made up of 14 proven courses that are perfect for individuals looking for a job immediately or for students preparing to start their careers. The curriculum takes about 30 hours to complete and provides learners with a micro-credential following completion of each course and a graduation package once the program is concluded. The training primes jobseekers for success in the workplace and demonstrates a commitment to employers.

What are the benefits of the Job Ready skills training?

If you are a jobseeker or student keen to upskill in prep for a job in food and beverage processing but not sure if this training is worth it then we will save you the time and say yes! However, if you are still not convinced here are some other reasons why the training would be beneficial to you:

  • Save money: Often times, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get these courses. CareersNOW! is providing a comprehensive training covering all aspects of the industry. You can get all the skills you need while getting a head start with launching your career without having to go to a classroom to learn.
  • Greater understanding of food safety: By working in the food processing industry, you are there to feed to nation. Taking the CareersNOW! Jobs Ready skills training will help improve your knowledge of food safety helping to keep you and other Canadians safe.
  • New hard and soft skills education: Each course has been selected to support and improve both hard and soft skills. All these courses are fully applicable to the industry. All of these skills can be put on your resume and job applications!
  • Curated Content: All Job Ready skills training courses have been chosen by experts in the field to give you the best investment for your time. These courses will give you a broad and specific aspects of the food processing industry. The benefit is you don’t have to spend the time figuring out which courses would be best for you to take.  

What are some of the Job Ready skills training courses?

The CareersNOW! Job Ready skills training offers over 14 proven courses that are perfect to help jump-start your career. Here is a sneak peek of what is being offered:

  1. I am food: Introduction to the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry – Introduces participants to the Canadian food and beverage processing industry and its greatest strength- the people who work in it.
  2. Good Manufacturing Processes – This course teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how GMPs support the safe manufacturing of food and beverages and how to successfully implement GMPs in the workplace.
  3. Introduction to SOPs and SSOPs – This course reviews the concept of standard operating procedures and sanitation standard operating procedures and the important of a safe and regulatory compliant business.
  4.  Sanitation: Level One- This course teaches the basic requirements for cleaning and sanitation in a facility with directions on how to use, handle, prepare and store chemicals and comply with regulations

Ready to start your Job Ready skills training?

If you are a jobseeker or student keen to upskill in prep for a job in food and beverage processing all you have to do is follow the link, create an account and start your training!

Each course has been selected to support improved technical and soft skills and maybe most importantly give your confidence and enthusiasm a huge boost. 

So, get started today!

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