8 Awesome Ontario Food Podcast Episodes You Should Listen to Right Now

Looking to learn more about the food and beverage manufacturing industry? We have a food podcast for you!

The FoodGrads Podcast explores careers in the food, beverage, and agricultural industries. It’s hosted by Veronica Hislop, a Ph.D. student at Toronto Metropolitan University who has worked in the food industry as a Quality Assurance Technician prior to entering her degree.

Whether you are looking to learn more about the industry, the types of roles available or just general career advice, the FoodGrads Podcast can help you with that.

The podcast is currently ongoing, with 62 podcast episodes already released. It has covered careers from Food Scientist to Quality Assurance Manager and everything in between.

Although the podcast interviews guests from across Canada and the United States, we wanted to highlight the passionate individuals working in Ontario’s food processing industry. Below are some of our favourite episodes of the podcast and what you can expect listening to the episode

8 Food Podcast episodes featuring Ontario Professionals

Let’s start by giving you an overview of what FoodGrads is and how they are supporting the food and beverage industry with episode 50 with Nicole Gallace.

1. Episode #50 with Nicole Gallace

Episode 50: What does a recruiter do and the future of FoodGrads

In this episode, Veronica interviews Nicole Gallace, founder of FoodGrads and Talent Solutions Manager at FoodGrads/ De Lacy Executive Recruitment. Through FoodGrads, Nicole helps support students and grads and increase relationships with colleges and universities. She also works as a third-party recruiter with De Lacy Executive Recruitment supporting organizations with their hiring needs.

In this conversation, they chat about:

  • What a recruiter in the food industry does
  • How FoodGrads supports students and graduates
  • What recruiters look for in job candidates

And much, much more.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

2. Episode #44 with Aaron Aboud

Episode 44: Obtaining career fulfillment by building food safety/quality systems

In this episode, Veronica interviews Aaron Aboud, Quality Assurance Manager at Trophy Foods Inc.

Aaron never planned to go into the food industry. He originally went to Sheridan College for illustration but quickly realized that this wasn’t a sustainable career path. Through a chance encounter at a gym, he learned about the University of Guelph’s Food Science program. The rest is history. In this conversation, Veronica and Aaron chat about:

  • The food safety community
  • How organizations assess food safety risks
  • The Ontario Food Protection Association
  • How students can get involved in a career in food safety

And much, much more.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

3. Episode #37 with Robert Cunliffe

Episode 37: What skills does a Millwright need to be successful?

In this episode, Veronica interviews Manager/Millwright at Flamaglo Foods Limited, Robert Cunliffe.

Looking for a down-to-earth podcast guest who is honest about their journey. Then look no further than Robert, where he speaks realistically about what it is like to be a millwright mechanic. Robert became a millwright when he realized he loved working with his hands. In this conversation, they discuss:

  • What he does daily as a millwright mechanic
  • The process of setting up a new piece of equipment
  • His belief in the future of millwrights
  • Robert’s experience going for his electrical certification

And much, much more.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

4. Episode #45 with Vasudha Sabharwal

Episode 45: A first-hand perspective of what it’s like working in food safety in the meat industry

In this episode, Veronica interviews Vasudha Sabharwal, a Food Safety Professional in the meat industry.

Vasudha has a rich career history in the meat industry and other food sectors. Due to this rich experience, Vasudha can dispel many myths about the industry. One of these myths? That a chicken factory is an unclean environment. In this conversation, they chat about:

  • What she did during each role along her career journey
  • What it’s like working in a meat processing facility
  • The dynamics of working as part of a team

And much, much more.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

5. Episode #10 with Amelia Laplante

Ep 10: Pivoting into a career of dairy-free yogurts

In this episode, Veronica interviews Amelia Laplante, R&D Food Scientist at Yoso. Amelia is a remarkable person who believes in the importance of having goals but also staying flexible. You never know what opportunity is waiting around the corner. Don’t be afraid to shoot someone a message. You never know where it will take you.

In this conversation, they chat about:

  • Amelia’s strategic career pivots
  • How to network while in school
  • Why talking to co-workers can lead to new opportunities

And much, much more.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

6. Episode #40 with Chloe Hoang

Episode 40: Why following your passion, working hard and asking questions is the path to success

In the most listened episode of the FoodGrads Podcast, Veronica interviews Chloe Hoang, Product Developer Assistant at Give and Go Foods. Chloe is originally for Vietnam and decided to pursue a culinary innovation and food science degree at Niagara College. She has a burning passion for product development that really shines through in this episode. In this conversation, they discuss:

  • Why Chloe decided to pursue a degree in Canada
  • How asking questions can help in school and the workplace
  • Staying positive while applying for jobs

And much, much more.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

7. Episode #29 with Marc Wall

Take a glimpse into the agricultural side of Ontario’s food and processing when Veronica interviews Marc Wall, VP of Sales and Co-owner of Sandy Show Farms Limited. Sandy Shores is a family generational farm, the largest grower and shipper of fresh asparagus.

In this conversation, they discuss:

  • This history of Sandy Shore Farms
  • What a VP of sales does at a family farm
  • The process of growing asparagus from farm to fork
  • Staying positive while applying for jobs

And much, much more.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

8. Veronica Hislop on her journey into the food industry

We are concluding this list with a podcast episode with the host herself, Veronica Hislop.

Veronica is a Ph.D. Candidate in Molecular Science at Toronto Metropolitan University studying the texture of margarine. In this episode, she talks about her involvement with FoodGrads and her experience in graduate school. Most of this episode speaks about what it is like being in graduate school and the process of being accepted.

Want to listen to more episodes of the FoodGrads Podcast? Then check out the complete list here or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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