Don’t just take our word for it

Thousands of individuals have found passion, purpose, and opportunity as part of the food and beverage processing sector. Hear from a few of them below!

Meet Laura Fineberg

VP, Human Resources

Give & Go Prepared Foods

“CareersNOW! has provided numerous partnering opportunities and collaborative avenues over the past year to build our Give & Go brand to prospective candidates, and to establish another channel to identify early talent.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the networking opportunities and expertise that the CareersNOW! team has afforded our company and look forward to leveraging this relationship in the future.”

Meet Shannon Fish-Turner

General Manager

Baxter's Bakery

“I have been very fortunate to be working in the food industry for my entire career – from a summer student on the production line to general manager of the facility.

Over the years, the bakery business has proven to be challenging but also extremely exciting and rewarding. I’ve had the chance to work with so many interesting and knowledgeable individuals and was mentored by some of the best in the industry.

There is still nothing quite like going into a store and seeing the products that were made in our bakery on the shelves!”

Meet Mandeep

Director of Sales and Marketing

HANS Dairy

“The majority of the people who work with us are starting from an entry-level position, and when we’re looking to hire someone who might be supervisor-level or for a managerial role, we look within our company. In order to do that, we have to invest in our people. Our team is really excited to come to work every day. You can see that when you walk into the building. We have a lot of team members that have big smiles on their faces.”

Meet Patricia

Receiving Coordinator


“At the end of the day, we have family here, and we just feel welcome. It doesn’t feel like a job sometimes.”

Meet Adam

Maintenance Supervisor


“At the end of the day, you’re putting food on people’s table. We get to play a little part in everybody’s household in that way.”

Meet Ronak

Production Supervisor

HANS Dairy

“This is the industry that gives a platform for personal, as well as collaborative growth. It’s like a family of individuals coming together to make various products, which can help people.”

Meet Gale

Team Lead


“In the beginning, it was just having a job and seeing how my day-to-day went by, but coming to work every single day and interacting with the people, and getting to know the company; it is just amazing. It’s not about a job for me anymore. It’s about having a career in the industry. You never know what you’re going to learn along the way because I started as a packer, and now I’m a lead hand, and I’ll continue moving up.”

Meet Desmond

Team Lead


“I look forward to coming to work every day. Hence the fact that I’ve been here for 15 years!”

Meet Sheena

Logistics Coordinator


“Even from the first day, you feel this welcoming community. You walk through a store, and you see people grabbing the products off the shelves, and it’s like, this is why I am here. I made this happen. “

Meet Patrick

Machine Operator


“I’m happy working in the food and beverage processing industry because I see all the products that I make being consumed all over the world. And, personality, for me, I want to see others grow. I want to see others develop.”

Meet Karla

Quality Control


“I feel very proud of what we’re doing. We make sure that the products are going to be safe for people to consume.”

Meet Oshima

Quality Control Lab Technician

HANS Dairy

“My days vary. It’s different challenges every day and I love tackling the challenges. … It’s a proud thing for me that I’m working in [the food and beverage processing] industry, which is clean and safe.”

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