Purpose of the Policy

For safety and administrative reasons, it is the policy of Food and Beverage Ontario (“FBO” or “we/us”) to communicate primarily through e-mail.

The purpose of this Anti-Spam Policy is to establish rules that govern the creation and distribution of commercial electronic messages (CEMs) by FBO in accordance with Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL).

A CEM is defined in CASL as a message that encourages the recipient to engage in commercial activity, is sent by any means of telecommunication (including an e-mail, social media message, text, sound, voice, or image message), and is sent to an electronic address (e.g. e-mail account, instant messaging account, telephonic account, or any similar account).


FBO is committed to ensuring that all CEMs are sent in accordance with CASL and that the distribution of CEMs by FBO is minimized to the furthest extent possible.

In general, FBO will only use your contact information, and will only distribute your contact information to third parties, in order for FBO to communication with you regarding programs, services, or events offered by FBO, or for licensing or legal purposes.

FBO may, from time to time, send CEMs promoting the services or goods of relevant parties.

FBO`s key principles are:

  1. Consent


Express Consent

When contact information is collected from you, FBO will explain to you, at such time, that it may be used to send you CEMs.  You will have the option, at such time, to provide your express consent to FBO to send you CEMs, or to state that you do not wish to receive CEMs from FBO.

You will be able to withdraw your consent at any time (see “Opt-Out Procedure” below).

Assumed Consent


The following are situations where you are assumed to have given express consent to FBO to send you CEMS:

  • you are an employee of an organization that has a relationship with FBO; or
  • you are a director or officer of FBO.

CASL does not apply in these situations; therefore, you cannot opt-out of receiving CEMs from FBO.

Implied Consent

 The following are situations where you are deemed to have given implied consent to FBO to send you CEMs:

  • you have purchased services from FBO in the previous two years;
  • you have conspicuously published your business contact information, without stating “No CEMs”, and FBO’s CEM relates to your business, role, functions, or duties;
  • you gave your e-mail address to FBO, without stating “No CEMs”, and FBO’s CEM relates to your business function;
  • you have requested information from FBO about its services in the previous six (6) months;
  • your name has been referred to FBO by someone that has a business or non-business relationship with you and with FBO; or
  • you have been a member of FBO in the last two (2) years.

If FBO sends you a CEM, and your consent was implied, the CEM will identify FBO and will explain how to unsubscribe from receiving CEMs (see “Opt-Out Procedure” below). The contact information of FBO given in the CEM will be valid for at least sixty (60) days after the CEM is sent.

  1. Limiting CEMs

FBO will only use your contact information to send you CEMs if FBO has express, assumed, or implied consent to send you CEMs.

  1. Protecting Information

FBO will protect your contact information with appropriate procedures and security measures and dispose of it by means of shredding, or other methods, to protect the security of the information no longer required.

  1. Providing information Access and Accuracy

You will be responsible for ensuring that FBO has your up-to-date contact information in its records. Upon written request, and proof of identification, FBO will provide you with the personal information that it has on file about you.

  1. Opt-Out Procedure


If you would like more information about FBO`s policies, to see exactly what contact information FBO has about you in its records, or to register a complaint in relation to this Anti-Spam Policy, please contact FBO’s Privacy Officer at:

Privacy Officer

Food and Beverage Ontario

P.O. Box 429

Beamsville, Ontario L0R 1B0

Telephone: (905) 467-3751

At any point in time, if you had given express consent to receive CEMs from FBO, or your consent was implied, you may opt out from receiving CEMs from FBO by clicking here. You will be removed from the appropriate contact list within ten (10) business days of receipt of your request.

FBO will post and explain any changes to this Anti-Spam Policy as soon as they go into effect. FBO is not responsible for the content or anti-spam policies of the websites to which FBO’s website may link.