Job Ready skills training for new hires

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CareersNOW! offers food and beverage processing employers with access to FREE Job Ready skills training through our partner, Food Processing Skills Canada.

The training includes 14 modules that can be taken one at a time, or all together.

Employers that are looking to build the skills of their team, THIS is the program you need!”
Jennefer Griffith, Executive Director
Food Processing Skills Canada
Prepared your employees by having them take any number of the 14 FREE Job Ready skills training modules offered by our partners at Food Processing Skills Canada.
Food Safety Culture and You
2 Hours
Learn the importance of following food safety procedures and practices to ensure consumers are protected and government regulations are met.
Introduction to SOPS and SSOPS
2 Hours
This course reviews the concept of standard operating procedures and sanitation standard operating procedures and the importance to a safe and regulatory compliant business.
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
3 Hours
This course teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how GMPs support the safe manufacturing of food and beverages and how to successfully implement GMPs in the workplace.
Sanitation: Level One​
2 Hours
This course teaches the basic requirements for cleaning and sanitation in a facility with direction on how to use, handle, prepare and store chemicals, and comply with regulations.
Allergens: Level One​
3 Hours
This course teaches the requirements to managing food spoilage and food safety by describing how problems occur and how to prevent them.
Workplace and Industrial Safety
2 Hours
This course reviews the responsibilities of employers and employees in identifying hazards, mitigating impacts and complying with regulations for workplace and industrial safety.
We are offering proven skills training to jobseekers and new hires so that they are job ready and primed for success.”
Chris Conway, CEO
Food and Beverage Ontario
Lock Out & Tag Out
1 Hour
Worker safety is paramount in any food and beverage manufacturing facility and requires training with industrial scale processes, automated equipment and potential hazards to ensure a safe workplace.
I Am Food: Introduction to the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry
3 Hours
I AM FOOD introduces participants to the Canadian food and beverage processing industry and its greatest strength — the people who work in it.
Canadian Workplace Cultures
3 Hours
Learn basic Canadian facts, understand appropriate etiquette, and identify the qualities employers expect in the workplace.
Employer Employee Expectations​
2 Hours
Canadian workplace culture requires individuals to be competent in speaking and listening; be respectful of cultural differences; dress appropriately for the work environment; and, work effectively with others.
Workplace Essentials: Oral Communications​
2 Hours
This course provides guidance on oral and general communication, active listening and feedback, and fostering a positive work environment through team work.
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence​
2 Hours
Learn about the value of emotional intelligence to your personal and professional life with skills that help an individual understand themselves better and be more effective in their day to day activities.
Workplace Essentials: Thinking Skills​
2 Hours
This course provides guidance on decision-making, critical thinking, resolving conflict, and facilitating change for a positive workplace culture.
Workplace Essentials: Working with Others
2 Hours
Learn the essential skills needed to work with a partner or a team in the workplace to successfully complete tasks such as resolving a production issue or meeting a rush order.

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